Implementing Plans

Implementing plans outlined by your allied health professionals, documenting, and reporting your progress and challenges to assist you in achieving your goals. We work closely with your chosen health professionals to implement plans like Diabetes Management, Speech Therapy Plan, Behaviour Management etc.

Allied health professional may be involved in your life suggesting ways to gain or build on new and existing skills (capacities). Our dedicated staff at Expert Care Services endeavour to understand the details of your goals to ensure the best possible outcome. To succeed, we understand that practice makes perfect, so will help you practice until you think you’ve perfected it. Some examples include (but are not limited to)

Some conditions even require care plans that can only be carried out by a registered nursing practitioner or by a registered provider to implement complex Positive Behaviour Support Plans  with regulated practices such as ‘Restrictive Practices‘. For more information on this, please view “specialised supports“.

Frequently Asked Questions

Implementing plans refers to putting NDIS participants’ approved plans into action, accessing supports, and achieving their goals.

To implement your NDIS plan, you can begin by contacting service providers and accessing the supports outlined in your plan.

Your NDIS plan can provide funding for a wide range of supports, including therapy, assistive technology, personal care, and much more.

Yes, NDIS allows you to choose service providers that best suit your needs and preferences, giving you greater control over your supports.

It is essential to regularly review your NDIS plan to ensure that your supports continue to meet your changing needs and goals.

If you require additional supports, you can request a plan review to discuss your evolving needs and potentially receive more funding.

Yes, NDIS participants can opt for support coordination to help them navigate and implement their plans efficiently.

If you face any difficulties, you can reach out to your support coordinator or the NDIS agency for assistance and guidance.

Your NDIS plan is designed to support your individual goals, so you can discuss your aspirations during your planning meetings.

NDIS plans typically have a specific duration, so it is essential to utilize the allocated funds and supports within that timeframe.

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