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Our disability support service is dedicated to assisting you with essential activities of daily living, including personal care, mobility aid, meal preparation, and more. We are here to empower you, enhance your independence, and provide the support you deserve for a fulfilling life.

What does this service look like?

We cater our services to suit your needs, as life changes – so you tell us how we can help. This can be as simple as guiding (prompting) you to upkeep your schedule, or as involved as attending to your personal care needs. The levels of support include prompted, supported (minimal assistance, mixed with prompting, whilst monitoring for your safety) and assisted. We deliver these services across a range of settings including your home (whatever that looks like for you), your community or at one of our sites (click here). Some example of daily living tasks include but aren’t limited to:

Frequently Asked Questions

Daily living options encompass a range of supports and services that assist NDIS participants in their everyday activities, fostering independence and quality of life.

NDIS participants with disabilities that impact their daily living activities may be eligible for daily living supports.

Daily living supports can include personal care, assistance with household tasks, meal preparation, and aid with mobility and communication.

Daily living supports aim to enhance participants’ abilities, promoting self-reliance, and easing the challenges in their day-to-day routines.

Yes, daily living supports are personalized to meet the specific requirements and goals of each NDIS participant.

Yes, daily living supports can be provided in participants’ homes, ensuring comfort and familiarity in receiving assistance.

NDIS plans can be designed to accommodate varying levels of support during different times, ensuring your needs are met throughout the day.

Yes, daily living supports are allocated separate funding, allowing participants to focus on receiving the necessary assistance.

To access daily living supports, you need to include them in your NDIS plan during your planning meetings.

Yes, NDIS plans can be reviewed regularly to adjust daily living supports based on your evolving requirements.

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