NDIS Support Coordination

Navigating the NDIS can be a stressful process for participants and their families, as there’s a lot of planning involved. A support coordinator can work with you to manage a funding plan that meets your practical needs and personal goals, so you don’t miss out on anything important.

We provide dedicated support coordination to assist with disabilities in navigating services, resources, and personalized plans, ensuring seamless anindividualsd empowering support throughout their journey. 

What is Support Coordination or a Support Coordinator?

Support coordinators help participants to understand what’s on their NDIS plan and how to get suitable assistance. They guide the planning and coordination of services based on the participant’s goals and prefrences, and can help NDIS participants in understanding, negotiating and finalizing service agreements and other documents and contracts– In turn, building your knowledge and skills to make informed decisions and gain independence. They serve as bridge between NDIS participants and their family, and support providers – ensuring that everyone is on the same page, whilst advocating for the individual.

Your support coordinator can meet somewhere convenient for you, such as your home, an office or at your local coffee shop.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Support coordination is a service that helps NDIS participants navigate and implement their NDIS plan, ensuring access to appropriate supports and services.

Support coordination can provide guidance, simplify the process of finding and accessing services, and ensure your NDIS plan meets your unique needs.

Yes, support coordination is available for all NDIS participants who have support coordination included in their approved NDIS plan.

If support coordination is included in your NDIS plan, it means the NDIS has identified that you may benefit from assistance in managing your supports.

We offer different levels of support coordination, including support connection, support coordination, and specialist support coordination, depending on your needs.

Yes, our support coordinators can assist you in finding suitable service providers and connecting you with the right supports.

Our support coordinators can help you explore alternative service providers that better meet your needs and preferences.

The frequency of meetings with your support coordinator depends on your NDIS plan and individual requirements.

Yes, if you are not satisfied with your current support coordinator, you can request a change to another support coordination provider.

Yes, support coordination is a funded service under NDIS, and the costs are covered by your NDIS plan.